When you look at your car, it can seem like a collection of random, unfamiliar pieces. While all the different parts work together to keep your vehicle running, many pieces are made of useful materials capable of being transformed into other products.

When a car is classified as a total loss, the parts inside remain helpful and valuable.


The windshield and windows are two parts easily recycled. Vehicle owners often get their windshields replaced due to cracks and shatters. Recycling centers reprocess used auto glass with advanced technology. Bowls, bottles, and vases are several items auto glass can be recycled into.

Fiberglass companies will frequently combine window glass with concrete to create materials for countertops and reflective yellow road paint for a safer driving experience.

Motor Oil

Many people may not know that motor oil is reusable, as well. In fact, motor oil does not wear out. While dirty motor oil is unusable for cars, collection centers can clean dirty engine oil, making it capable of being reused.

Because of its viscosity, it is also used as a protectant for the wood coating to stand up against parasites and severe weather, and for others, it can be an exceptional lubricant for hand tools like pliers or chainsaws.

It's also a good cleaner for leather and can be used to restore rusted metal when the items are scrubbed with a combination of oil and steel wool.

Car Batteries

Although you might not realize this by looking at them, car batteries are an extremely recyclable product. The casing and lead in old car batteries can be recycled into new batteries. Most new batteries you come across are made almost entirely out of recycled materials.

While you can auction off the battery and put a few bucks in your pocket, upcycling it to make rechargeable fans and lighting systems is a great upcycling option.

Or, if you want more sustainability, consider creating a solar-powered generator and using the old battery as storage after connecting it to a solar system to keep smaller devices powered.

Oil Filters

Along with motor oil, oil filters are also recyclable. Recycling centers crush and shred oil filters and redistribute them as scrap metal.

The scrap metal can create additional products such as cans, car parts, and appliances.


Among all these recyclable car parts, used tires can also transform into other useful things. Using a special process and type of machinery, recycling centers transform tires into asphalt, synthetic turf, and playground floors.

Tires have also been used as a decoration in gardens as flower planters or turned into a fun rope swing for the family, extending their use far beyond just your wheels.

Plastic Parts

The dashboard, bumper, and other parts of your car are made of plastic. Not only is the plastic reusable, but it's also capable of transforming into various new plastic-based products.

Many items are created from plastic, including fossil fuels, storage containers, and even mobile home skirting and battery cables, making it an incredibly diverse material.

Recycle Your Old Vehicle With Ace Auto Parts

Just because your car can't run for you anymore doesn't mean it's the end of the line for all of its parts. From useful appliances to new streets and roads, many parts in old cars can turn into something useful.

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