When one of your car’s headlights burns out, you may feel inclined to only change the defective headlight. After all, why would you need to change the other headlight if it is working perfectly fine? Before you assume all is well and only replace the burnt-out headlight, take a moment to consider these several reasons that explain why replacing both headlights at the same time is a better idea than you may think.


Save on Excess Trips

Finding the time to fit a visit to the auto shop can be difficult. With work and other personal responsibilities filling up your daily schedule, finally getting into the shop can seem like a miracle. When you make it in to get your headlight replaced, consider replacing the headlight while you’re there. This can save you on an extra trip to the shop when the other light inevitably burns some time after the first one.


Increase Awareness on the Headlights’ Life Expectancy

When you have both headlights replaced during the same visit, you can feel confident in knowing the expected lifespan of both your headlights. When both headlights are replaced during one visit, you can keep that date in mind and prepare for when the pair will need to be replaced again.


Balanced Visibility

When only one bulb is replaced, the brightness between the pair is imbalanced. This can make driving dangerous as reduced lighting makes it more difficult to see during the nighttime. Replacing both bulbs at once can supply you with a full range of optimal lighting. Not only will this make driving during the nighttime easier, but it will also keep you and your family safe from unseen oncoming traffic and other objects.


Quick Installation

Unlike other repairs that require more time and involvement, replacing headlights is generally a quick and simple process. With most auto shops, you won’t need to wait around and plan your day around the repair. At Ace Auto Parts, we provide installation services for new headlights. Our team of professionals can have your headlights replaced and ready to go in a prompt and efficient manner.


As a valuable possession and a main source of transportation, taking the time to maintain all parts of your car is extremely important. When it comes to replacing parts and stopping in for check-ups, it’s best not to cut corners. Ace Auto Parts can help you safely and securely install new headlights for your car. Next time you stop in to replace a burnt-out headlight, consider making the best of your visit and get the other headlight replaced as well. For more information on Ace Auto Parts’ selection of used headlight and headlight installation services, contact us today.