While a fender bender won’t always make your car undrivable, it does cause quite a headache. After all, you can’t go driving your car around with your fender broken or missing for too long.


While you may think you have an expensive repair on your hands, there are actually several used parts you can purchase at Ace Auto Parts, including fenders. By stopping in and taking a look through our parts, or searching with our online parts store, you can find the parts you need and start saving money today.


If you’re interested in stopping by Ace Auto Parts to replace your fender, there are a few factors to consider. Because fenders are designed to protect drivers and the rest of the car in case of accidents, you should make sure the used piece is in the best shape possible. You will want to find a part that’s capable of protecting you and your vehicle in case another accident occurs.


Considering these other factors will help you find a used fender for your vehicle:


●        Avoid Major Damage

While a couple of smaller dents aren’t a huge cause for concern, you should try to avoid purchasing a used fender with significant signs of damage such as cracks and irreparable dents. When a fender is severely damaged, it can’t protect your vehicle to its fullest potential.


●        Cracked Holes Where Bolts Go

In order to securely attach your new fender to your vehicle, you will have to drive bolts in where the given holes are located. These designated holes should be undamaged and free of any cracks or warping. Damaged holes may prevent the fender from properly protecting your car.


●        Fender-to-Vehicle Match

A fender can maximize its potential by perfectly fitting onto the new vehicle. When purchasing a used fender, you should make sure it matches your vehicle’s make, model, and year. If you’re unsure how to properly match the fender with your vehicle, simply ask one of our team members to help you find your replacement.


●        Match Material and Color

Take the time to understand which material your new fender needs to be. The material should match the rest of your car for ultimate protection. Additionally, for aesthetic purposes, try and find a fender that matches your car’s color. While this isn’t the most important step, it can help you maintain the overall look of your vehicle.


Taking the time to consider these factors can help you find a used fender that’s ready to serve your vehicle. Purchasing a used fender can save you a lot of money compared to buying the part brand new. The team at Ace Auto Parts is ready to help you find the part that will serve your car best.


To take a look at our collection of used car parts, or to speak with one of our car part experts, contact us at 651-717-4299.