Need a replacement part for your vehicle? Buying brand new can be incredibly expensive, depending on the part you need. That's why many savvy vehicle owners opt to purchase used car parts from a salvage yard instead. 

Unfortunately, though, there's no shortage of misinformation surrounding discount auto parts, and if you don't know the facts, the myths can definitely deter you from buying used. What's fact and what's fiction when it comes to buying used car parts? 

Check out some of the most prevalent (and totally false!) myths below. 

Myth 1: Used Car Parts Are Way Overpriced

Some people feel that salvage yard owners are scammers just trying to make a buck at any cost. That's not true. Salvage yards aren't selling used car parts for twice their purchase price, and to be completely honest, their profit margins are nominal. 

When you buy discount auto parts from a salvage yard, you're getting the lowest price possible for those parts, and if you want to negotiate, you usually can. 

If you're looking to save money on replacement auto parts, a salvage yard is your absolute best bet.  

Myth 2: If You Pay Cash for Discount Auto Parts, You'll Save More

This myth may not be false across the board, but generally speaking, paying cash for used car parts won't save you extra money. Some yards offer to finance certain large parts, and if that's the case, they're likely incentivized by lenders. 

But if you need one of those large parts and want to pay with a card, you won't pay extra. 

Myth 3: Used Car Parts Don't Have Warranties

This is totally false! While used car parts may not come with a lengthy warranty as new auto parts do, they still come with a guarantee. That said, only professional parts resellers offer warranties. 

If you ever come across a yard that sells non-warrantied parts, it's in your best interest to visit a different salvage yard. 

Myth 4: Discount Auto Parts Are Poor Quality

Another falsity! When you visit a reputable salvage yard, the used car parts in the inventory are in good shape. Yes, they've exhausted some of their lifespan, but that doesn't make them poor quality. 

Reputable parts sellers inspect each part for functionality and possible issues to ensure the customer gets a product that performs as it should and still has plenty of life left in it. 

Myth 5: Used Car Parts Only Come From Junkyards

Just the term junkyard is enough to deter anyone from buying used and discounted auto parts. But a junkyard and a salvage yard aren't the same thing. Here's the difference between the two:

Salvage Yard

Vehicles brought to salvage yards are inspected for working parts, and those parts are pulled, inspected, and sold. You won't be hunting through dirty, old vehicles to find the part you need. 

The seller has already stocked it in their inventory, so you simply need to request the part and inspect it yourself!


These yards basically serve as repositories for severely damaged vehicles. Junkyards (also known as scrap yards) may allow you to pull parts out of the vehicles yourself, but those parts haven't been inspected.

Myth 6: Mechanics Won't Install Used Car Parts

Not true! While a mechanic will likely try to talk you into purchasing a new part from them (they make money off that), most repair shops will install a part if you bring it in. Some salvage yards also offer installation services for certain used parts like side mirrors, auto glass, and headlights. 

Myth 7: Prices Fluctuate Depending on the Time of the Year

Some buyers believe that dealers will lower their prices during various times of the year. A common misconception among buyers is that used part dealers will provide deals at the end of the month; however, the pricing on used parts is quite consistent.

When looking for a used car part, you should consider making the purchase as soon as you find the part you're looking for. After all, if you wait too long, someone else could end up buying the part before you. 

Myth 8: Auto Parts Shops Won't Install Parts for You

Sometimes car owners will find the perfect piece but believe the auto parts shop won't install the part into the car. This is not always true. At Ace Auto Parts, we offer installation services for several types of car parts. 

Myth 9: Your Car's Warranty Won't Cover the Used Parts

Many buyers worry their car's warranty doesn't include used parts. However, most car warranties don't restrict the types of parts an owner can purchase.

Myth 10: Used Parts Have Same-Percentage Copper

Some repair enthusiasts swear off used auto parts because of copper. In their eyes, used copper carries the same percentages – making it impossible to secure a good pickup. This isn't true either, as copper scraps and parts are sold based on their intended use. 

For this reason, scrap yards and dealers have different grades of copper – each priced differently.

Myth 11: Prices Are Best at the End of the Month

For some reason, used part buyers think "secret deals" occur at the end of each month. While every location is different, most use a consistent price model. If you wait until the month's end, you could even miss a better deal. 

Don't wait around. Take action, and check out your best options.

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