Used auto parts might be excellent price-saving alternatives to factory-made parts, but negative myths still shroud their purchase in misinformation. If you want to upgrade your car with new parts, fear not. There’s no reason to fear the auto world’s much-touted rumors surrounding used parts. If you’re looking to buy, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’re dispelling the false truths surrounding used parts and cars.


Myth One: Scrap Yards and Dealers Sell Parts for Twice Their Purchase Price

This isn’t true. Unfortunately, a lot of people think scrap yards and used parts dealers exist to rip people off. They’re actually making a small percentage off of their shop materials. If purchased in bulk, some scrap collections simply break even, financially.


Myth Two: Used Parts Have Same-Percentage Copper

Some repair enthusiasts swear off used auto parts because of copper. In their eyes, used copper carries the same percentages—making it impossible to secure a good pickup. This isn’t true either, as copper scraps and parts are sold based upon their intended use. For this reason, scrap yards and dealers have different grades of copper—each priced differently.


Myth Three: Paying in Cash Reduces the Price

Sometimes, used car dealerships and scrap yards are incentivized by lenders. When this happens, they’re paid to finance specific parts. It may be less expensive, in fact, to pay with a card. While cash is a frequent purchasing resource for used parts, it’s no better than a card.


Myth Four: Used Part Warranties are Scams

Sadly, a lot of used part purchasers simply don’t understand what their warranty does. Most warranties offered, however, are completely legitimate. Used part dealers don’t make money by scamming people. If they did, they wouldn’t be in business. The used parts world thrives on consistent customer purchases, and it’s in their best interest to provide top-quality services.


Myth Five: Prices are Best at the End of the Month

For some reason, used part buyers think “secret deals” occur at the end of each month. While every location is different, most use a consistent price model. If you wait until the month’s end, you could even miss a better deal. Don’t wait around. Take action, and check out your best options.


It pays off to be informed. Don’t let the myths overthrow your ability to think before buying. Used parts providers are trustworthy, and they have years of experience. Talk to your provider, and discuss financing options. You’ll be surprised by the incredible flexibility most offer.