Oftentimes, salvaged cars are sent to an auto shop where their parts are often resold to car owners who need them. Auto shops allow car owners to purchase used parts for a lower price compared to brand new parts. Although purchasing parts from an auto parts shop seems like the most economically efficient option, some people still face hesitation when choosing that method. There are several misconceptions buyers face when purchasing a part at an auto shop.


●        The used parts are unreliable. Many car owners hesitate to buy used parts because they think they are unreliable. The truth is auto part shops, such as Ace Auto Parts, thoroughly test the parts they sell. At Ace Auto Parts, we also offer warranties on our parts to ensure you get the most out of your purchase.


●        The shop charges too much for parts. In order to make a profit, used auto parts shops slightly increase the price of their parts. When compared to the price of a brand new part, however, the price remains drastically less expensive.


●        Auto parts shops won’t install parts for you. Sometimes car owners will find the perfect piece that they need but believe the auto parts shop won’t install the part into the car. This is not always true. At Ace Auto Parts, we offer installation services for several types of car parts.


●        The parts won’t last as long. People often assume used parts will have a shorter lifespan compared to brand new parts, but this simply isn’t true. As long as the part is properly maintained, its lifespan shouldn’t differ compared to a new part. Not only will the used part save you money, it will also operate with the efficiency and dependability of a new part.


●        Your car’s warranty won’t cover the used parts. Many buyers worry their car’s warranty doesn’t include used parts. However, most car warranties don’t put restrictions on the types of parts an owner can purchase.


Purchasing used car parts from an auto parts shop is an economically sound decision. At Ace Auto Parts, we carefully inspect each piece to ensure it’s ready for use. We also offer warranties on our car parts so you can leave behind any concerns or hesitations. If your car requires a new part, forget the misconceptions and stop in to take a look at our selection of used parts. Call us today at 651-717-4299 to learn more about our services and selection.